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Chesterfield School, formerly Chesterfield Grammar school, was founded in 1594 and continued to educate boys from Chesterfield and further afield until 1991 when educational reorganisation resulted in its closure and the hand over of its buildings to Brookfield Community School.

For most of this long history (until 1967) it was located on Sheffield Road on the site now occupied by Chesterfield College.

The Old Cestrefeldian Society seeks to provide means of linking old boys and masters through its Annual Reunion (normally on the last Friday of April) and other occasions. For details of these, please consult the News & Events page of this site.

The 2022 Reunion celebrated the Centenary of the august occasions (two years late because of Covid 19), the first occurring in 1920 when W Hawksley Edmunds OBE, the then Proprietor of the Derbyshire Times, was installed as the first President.

Society members have created a charitable trust to preserve items relating to the school and to provide targetted educational assistance to young people in the Chesterfield area.

Following a donation from a member, the Society has donated a cup to Brookfield School for awarding annually to the House gaining most House points. Further details can be found here.

As there was no official repository of School records, most of the contents of this website have been derived from material provided by alumni. If you have access to other material of interest please contact the Webmaster and the OC Trust.

It is hoped that alumni will derive pleasure from browsing the content of this site and others will learn something of what became a very special institution to most who crossed its threshold.