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Photographs of the War Memorials, now installed outside the former Headmaster's office at Sheffield Road

World War 1 - Roll of Honour.

World War 2 - Roll of Honour.

World War 2 Memorial and Mr J Mansell Tablet unveiling.

Links to other websites containing details of the War Memorials

Derbyshire War Memorials - WWI Memorial

Derbyshire War Memorials - WWII Memorial

War Memorials Trust - WWI Memorial

War Memorials Trust - WWII Memorial

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Imperial War Museum, Oral History, O.C. Eric Potten

Biographies of the fallen.

A pair of handsome booklets, commissioned by the Old Cestrefeldians' Trust, have been produced containing details of Old Cestrefeldians who fell in the two world wars. Both are available to purchase from the OCT - details are included in the links.

Old Cestrefeldians in the Great War contains the results of research by Mike Briggs supplemented with details from contemporary Cestrefeldians and is available to purchase from the OCs' Trust.

Chesterfield Grammar School Roll of Honour 1939-1945 has been compiled by Philip Riden principally from contemporary editions of The Derbyshire Times.

WWI List of Distinctions and Roll of Honour (both including some photographs) are taken from contemporary editions of The Cestrefeldian.

WWII Roll of Honour contains summary information on the fallen.

Other Deaths in Service.

OCs' Memorial Bungalow.